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Child-free zones on flights: Gift or gimmick?


20131216_090949 (2)70% people think airlines should offer child-free zones on flights according to a new survey by A third of people would even be willing to pay up to £63 extra for this privilege.

“While most people are sympathetic towards parents with young children, many people simply don’t want to sit next to them,” says general manager Kay Dixon

In good new though, screaming babies are not the most annoying disturbance for most passengers! In fact they only rank 4th in the survey with drunk and rowdy passengers topping the list.

Take a look at our 7 secrets to flying with a baby or 10 tips for flying with a toddler 

Discriminating against families?

But are child-free zones just discriminating against families or could they be good for stressed out parents?

Perhaps they would make you feel less worried about disturbing your fellow passengers if you knew the ones that objected the most were seated elsewhere.

Some airlines have already introduced initiatives to help calm crying babies like Eithad Airlines who launched their Flying Nannies scheme

Are these ideas just gimmicks, money making schemes, or do you think they would help you?


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